About Us


Lemima Construction and Supply is a wholly black owned company established by local entrepreneur.  It was found by a young South African entrepreneur. The owner of the company is from previously disadvantaged background (PDI`s). We are therefore positioned to provide technical and social service to the value that will give us an opportunity to serve our communities

South Africa is the country that needs minds of determination and thirsty of success. It has been found in 2008 and executed number of projects including those executed by its member.

As Lemima Construction and Supply, We pride ourselves on the high standards of services which we are able to offer our clients throughout Southern Africa. We believe as a team, we have an unequaled training & services portfolio that is presented to the industry by an eager and dynamic sales-team and delivered by a versatile, professional and effective Facilitator team.

Comparative advantage

The following will render the business comparative advantage

  • Owned by a previously disadvantaged black youth
  • Highly skilled owner and management
  • Product Quality
  • Excellent track record of members